We help employers build a more engaged, profitable workforce

Fairfield Watson is an integrated benefits consulting firm helping Canadian employers design competitive, cost-effective employee benefits plans while addressing employee and executive needs in an ever-changing health and wellness environment.

Our primary goal is to become your trusted partner in identifying the most cost-effective and suitable benefit arrangements available. We work to ensure your ongoing peace of mind through designing benefit plans that provide clear, certain and comprehensive protection for your most valuable resource — your people.

In January 2023, we announced that Fairfield Watson will transition to become Acera Benefits with Tony Fairfield coming on board as President, Group Benefits. The merging of operations of Fairfield Watson and Acera Insurance supports both of our company’s overall vision for growth and scale while strengthening our commitment to independence and providing Canadians and businesses with tailored insurance, group benefits and risk mitigation solutions



We are experienced, technically competent professionals and our exclusive membership in the Benefits Alliance Group gives us access to leading products, tools, drug companies and new government regulations.


A lot of trust is placed in the Fairfield Watson team to perform for our clients. It works the other way too – the team trusts that Fairfield Watson will continue to invest in their growth and maintain, grow and evolve the culture in a positive way.

Meaningful Work

Fairfield Watson employees work here because they view taking care of clients and their families as important and it provides meaning to our work. When our clients are delighted, we know we have done our job.


We support the broader community because we care about people and their families. We are fortunate to be in a position to help.
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People who are part of the Fairfield Watson team want to have fun while doing meaningful work. They enjoy what they do.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Partnering with the Fairfield Watson team has been extremely valuable for my business.  They take the time to understand my current business needs and to understand where I want to take my business in the future so that they can help me design a benefits program for my employees.   The team is professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, they care about their clients.
    Phoebe Fung, Proprietor
    Vin Room
  • Jeff Zdunich, CA, VP Finance & Controller
    The team at Fairfield Watson provides Whitecap with top shelf service and unparalleled expertise when it comes to our benefit plan. They have worked diligently on a cost effective plan to ensure our needs are taken care of. I have confidence in recommending Fairfield Watson to any company looking for a great team of insurance consultants.
    Jeff Zdunich, CA, VP Finance & Controller
    Whitecap Resources Inc
  • Brett Maronda, HR Manager
    I have had the pleasure of working with Fairfield Watson for the past five years, for the most part with Darren Radies and Karen Douris.  Both Darren and Karen have always gone the extra mile for our organization, and have been extremely pleasant to deal with.  They are very responsive to our needs and are our greatest advocate to the benefits company.  Our organization has gone through many changes in the past five years and Fairfield Watson has always been there to support us and offer assistance.  I fully recommend the services of Fairfield Watson to any organization looking to make a benefits switch or initiate a new benefits plan.”
    Brett Maronda, HR Manager
  • FYI Doctors
    Fairfield Watson is the trusted benefits advisor to FYi doctors. We have found the team at FW to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough, in providing us with the information and advice we need to provide excellent, cost-effective benefits to our diverse staff.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Fairfield Watson.
    Dr. Alan Ulsifer, CEO & President
    FYI Doctors
  • Tony Fairfield and Carolyn Begin have been providing consulting services and benefit support to GreatWest Kenworth since 2000, from implementation, to maintenance, to annual renewal negotiations with our benefit providers. If I run into a carrier related issue, I call Fairfield Watson and they get it resolved quickly. We pay lower premiums due to FW’s attention to detail when they go to market for our company. They continually provide suggestions to improve our benefit plan in order to stay competitive and they advise us of industry trends. If you want to save money and receive high quality service I would definitely contact Fairfield Watson, you won't be disappointed.
    Adam Czarnecki, CHRP, Human Resources Manager
    Greatwest Kenworth LTD
  • Anita Valdezco, HR Supervisor
    Fairfield Watson has been providing invaluable support and advice to Fleet Brake since 2005. They have consistently delivered fast, professional and excellent service in the improvement and maintenance of our group health plan and group pension plan. When we acquired another company in 2011 the Fairfield Watson team exerted additional effort to make sure the transition was seamless. They patiently conducted group meetings in several of our Alberta branches answering questions coming from these new employees. It is a pleasure working with a group of professionals like Fairfield Watson.
    Anita Valdezco, HR Supervisor
    Fleet Brake
  • Jeff Newman, Senior Vice President, Corporate
    I have been a client of Fairfield Watson for fifteen years, during which time I brought them in to review and replace the incumbent benefits provider in three different organizations. In each instance, I found the Fairfield Watson team to be responsive, creative and prudent in designing and servicing employee benefit plans that met the needs of our employees in a cost-effective and practical manner.
    Jeff Newman, Senior Vice President, Corporate
    Essential Energy Services


Tony Fairfield


Tony Fairfield, founding partner of Fairfield Watson, is dedicated to continuing the development
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Ian Watson


Ian Watson, founding partner of Fairfield Watson, believes it all comes down to providing value
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Scott Guest

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Guest, Chief Operating Officer, has been providing advice to the Fairfield Watson team for over
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Carolyn Begin

Director of Client Service & Operations

Carolyn Begin, the Director of Client Service & Operations, has been with Fairfield Watson since 2005.
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Darren Radies

Employee Benefits Consultant/Partner

Darren Radies, GBA, CHS, BBA, a Fairfield Watson Employee Benefits Consultant, believes that the work done
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Mary Coulter

Employee Benefits Consultant

Mary Coulter, an Employee Benefits Consultant, joined the Fairfield Watson team in 2010. Mary’s ability to
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Geoff Maisey

Employee Benefits Consultant

Geoff Maisey, an Employee Benefits Consultant with Fairfield Watson, believes that success begins
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Brent Wisby

Employee Benefits Consultant

Brent Wisby, an Employee Benefits Consultant, fulfils his role at Fairfield Watson by providing financial
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Karen Douris

Senior Client Manager

Karen Douris, a Senior Client Service Specialist at Fairfield Watson, primarily focuses to ensure success
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Shelley Fleming

Client Manager and HSA Coordinator

Shelley Fleming is a Client Service Specialist who works in the area of claims and office administration.
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Chelsey Verbeek

Client Manager & Wellness Coordinator

Chelsey Verbeek, a Client Manager and Wellness Coordinator, chose to pursue a profession in the insurance
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Andrea Holmberg


Andrea Holmberg, CPA, CGA, an Accountant at Fairfield Watson, brings a valued skill set to the Fairfield
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Alex Gowda

Employee Benefits Consultant

Alex Gowda, an Employee Benefits Consultant, joined the Fairfield Watson team in 2019. Alex graduated
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Ryan Ledene

Employee Benefits Consultant & Group Underwriter

Ryan Ledene, Employee Benefits Consultant & Group Underwriter, joined the Fairfield Watson
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Karee MacKay

Senior Group Retirement Specialist

Karee MacKay, a Senior Group Retirement Specialist, is dedicated to working with clients directly
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Masi Marjamaki

Employee Benefits Consultant

Masi Marjamaki, an Employee Benefits Consultant with Fairfield Watson, aims to foster long-lasting
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Sharon Tenney

Client Service Manager

Sharon Tenney, a Client Service Manager with Fairfield Watson, is committed to working with clients
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Vicki Blais

Client Service Manager

Vicki Blais, a Client Service Manager at Fairfield Watson, is dedicated to support and help
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Zac Kendall

Client Administration and Underwriting Analyst

Zac Kendall, a Client Administration and Underwriting Analyst with Fairfield Watson finds passion
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Mark Canduro

Employee Benefits Consultant

Mark Canduro, an Employee Benefits consultant, joined Fairfield Watson in 2021. After graduating with
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Benefits Alliance Group

Benefits Alliance Group

Fairfield Watson is a shareholder in the Benefits Alliance Group. The Benefits Alliance Group brings the collective expertise and influence of member consulting firms to provide the best possible group insurance and group retirement program design and management. This organization enables each member firm to deliver superior value through combined market intelligence and the collective support and strength associated with membership.

Benefits Alliance Group’s 36 member firms and more than 150 advisors manage approximately $900 million in group insurance premiums and over $2.5 billion in retirement plan assets on behalf of thousands employers across North America. Benefits Alliance Group’s scope ensures member clients receive the best advice at the best price.

Since 1993, significant changes in the insurance have industry resulted in fewer alternative providers, with three companies controlling over 75% of the marketplace.  Insurers have narrowed their market sources requiring brokers to limit their recommendations based on their access to insurance providers and creating more complex alternatives for employers. The need for qualified, expert advice is greater than ever.